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Edwin understands your pre-wedding concerns and has provided answers to FAQs which will address the concerns of most couples. If you have further questions, please feel free to Contact Us.

Why should I engage a Wedding Planner when many couples have been able to celebrate their Big Day without one?

Although many couples managed to celebrate their Big Day without a Wedding Planner, some of them experienced much anxiety and stress starting from the planning stage.

Searching for the right service provider and coordinating between various service providers can be time-consuming and frustrating. And if you are the worrying kind, you will wonder if everything will work according to plan. You have no peace of mind. With a Wedding Planner, you can leave the necessary tasks to a professional, and enjoy your wedding with your loved ones and friends.

Why do I need a Wedding Coordinator when a Duty Manager comes free-of-charge with the venue of my wedding reception/dinner?

This is one of the biggest misconceptions people have regarding the difference between a Duty Manager and a Wedding Coordinator:

  • A Duty Manager focuses on the venue whereas a Wedding Coordinator focuses on you

  • A Duty Manager coordinates work related to the venue whereas a Wedding Coordinator coordinates work related to your wedding.

What does a Wedding Planner do?

When a Wedding Planner is engaged by a bridal couple, the duties he takes on include the following:

  • Arrange an initial meeting with the bridal couple in order to get acquainted with them

  • Understand their dreams, hopes, likes and preferences

  • Help them to prepare a realistic budget

  • Conceptualize the theme and offer creative cum practical ideas

  • Source for suitable location/s and service providers

  • Narrow down the list of potential vendors; lead the bridal couple through the interviews; assess, shortlist and negotiate contracts on their behalf

  • Act as the liaison between the bridal couple and their vendors

  • Create a wedding timeline to ensure that all the planning runs smoothly

What should I do if I do not need the full involvement of a Wedding Planner?

Many couples approach a Wedding Planner at different stages of preparation for their wedding. The extent of a Wedding Planner's involvement and assistance can be tailored to suit a bridal couple's needs and preferences.

For instance, a bridal couple can simply engage a Wedding Planner to oversee the coordination of the wedding day to ensure that it runs effectively.

What are the benefits of hiring a Wedding Planner?

Every couple will benefit from the services of a Wedding Planner. Wedding Planners have the resources and knowledge to help couples make their dream wedding a reality while saving them time, effort and even money.

Isn't a Wedding Planner expensive?

Wedding Planners aren't just for rich brides, celebrities or busy people.

A Wedding Planner assists couples in many areas - you can engage one by selecting a wedding planning package or choose specific services. The fees are comparable to the fees of wedding service providers.

What happens if the Wedding Planner includes things that I don't need for my wedding?

Having a Wedding Planner doesn't mean that you will lose control. The bridal couple will NOT be out of the picture. The bridal couple will still make all the decisions. The only difference is that a professional will do the work for you.

Hiring a professional has its advantages. These include his objectivity and wealth of experience.

Is it too late to engage a Wedding Planner if I have already started planning for my wedding?

It is never too late to engage a Wedding Planner. He can undertake all the remaining tasks for the wedding.

How can a Wedding Planner help me?

A Wedding Planner can help bridal couples to save money along the way while making sure that the wedding is beautiful and well planned. For example, a bridal couple can save some money where service providers are concerned. Most couples don't know the market rate and can sometimes be overcharged.

How do I find a Wedding Planner?

Word of mouth is always the best advertisement.