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"What struck me at Denny and Anh’s wedding was their absolute joy. The person behind their stress-free wedding was Edwin, their Wedding Planner. As a DIY bride, I can see the big difference between having a wedding planner and DIY-ing a wedding. Now I believe that the money spent on engaging a wedding planner is totally worth the peace of mind and well-organized wedding you get in return." Read More »

Joanna Wee – October 13, 2012

About Us

We are a one-stop service center for bridal couples who believe in investing in a professional wedding planner to ensure that their dream wedding is made easy.

At Your Wedding Partner, we understand that planning for a wedding on your own poses many challenges. Once you begin to start planning, you can be overwhelmed by the innumerous things you have to do. This becomes worse if both of you are busy 24/7.

Allow us to design and create a well-planned wedding for you. Leverage on our 10 years of experience and our tried and tested vendors to save time and even money.

Some bridal couples are afraid that once they hire a wedding planner, they lose control of what takes place on their wedding day. If you hire us, you can rest assured that this will not happen. As a bridal couple, you will still make all the decisions. The only difference is that a professional will do the work for you from start to finish, consulting you and obtaining your approval every step of the way. We will ensure that your wedding day is exactly how you wish it to be.

We assist bridal couples in many areas. Whether you buy one of our wedding planning packages or engage us for specific services, we believe in creating a wedding which others will remember long after your big day is over..

We also provide full-scale floral arrangements for your wedding day. However, if you require simple floral arrangements for your solemnization event or wedding day, we can customize something special for you.

Treat yourself to the perfect day that both of you deserve by allowing us to take over your wedding planning and coordination. Leaving both of you to look beautiful, smile and enjoy one of the special days of your life.